Significance of Contract Management in Projects


  • Sankar Rajeev Professor, Department of Business Studies, K. K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research, Nashik, Maharashtra, India



Projects, Contracts, Strategic Vulnerability, Potential Competitive Advantage


The proposed research work has the aim of analyzing the significance of contract management in projects. The methodology adopted has been descriptive.  It was noticeable during the literature review that the subject of contract management as it pertains to projects has not been attempted realistically, thus it was found that such a study would be not only enriching and useful but also interesting. Therefore, an attempt to this effect is being made through this research work. The findings will give an insight on to the relevance of practicable methods for dealing with contracts in the context of Projects.  These findings may also serve as input in improving efficiency, ensuring transparency in accountability of activities and assist in further research on the subject.


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