Aims and Scope

Asian Journal of Managerial Science is a half-yearly international, double-blind peer-reviewed, gold open access journal that publishes scientific research on the latest developments and practices of management science, emphasizing modeling, optimization, computation, and data analytics for identifying and solving management problems, making business decisions, and managing risks in complex management systems.

Topics covered include:

Brand, Business intelligence, Business development, Capacity, Capability, Change(innovation), Commercial(Marketing), Communications, Configuration, Conflict, Content, Customer relationship, Distributed, Earned value, Electronic business, Enterprise resource planning, management information system, Financial, Human resource(development), Incident, Knowledge, Legal, Materials, Network(administrator), Office, Operations(services), Performance, Power, Problem, Process, Product life-cycle, Product, Project, Quality, Records, Resource, Risk(crisis), Sales, Security, Service, Strategic, Supply chain, Systems(administrator), Talent, and Technology.